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One man’s hair…

…is another man’s watchband. I know a few people who are big into genealogy and lineage research, and I always think of them when I think about Victorian hair art. The subject fascinates and baffles me. It makes me wanna … Continue reading

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Tulip Mania

I’ve been a bit obsessive over tulips lately… And although the flowers in my yard are a bit confused by the recent weather, I’ve been taking lots of pictures of these lovelies so that I can do a painting or … Continue reading

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Cream of the Crop

No, I ain’t talking ’bout an album that came out in 1969… I’ve been digging through a ginormous amount of Crop Circle-related websites, looking for artworks that were created from their inspiration. I’ve been digging and rummaging, searching and scouring. … Continue reading

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