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To Coin a Purse

Still have lots of good photos and new lil’ things to share. This coin purse was sewn from part of a dogfood bag, which happens to be organic food I might add! (I hope the person who gave the bag … Continue reading

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Milkmen (and Clothing Retailers) Rejoice!

And the cows?–Well, I suppose they may or may not be happy about the news. It depends. One of the random articles that a Google search gave me (while looking for info on clothing made from paper) was a feature … Continue reading

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Plastic Soup, Anyone?

Mmmm! I’ll have mine with a side of packing peanuts. Plastic and I sorta have this love/hate relationship going on. (It’s presence has saved human lives through technology and medicine, yet it’s sheer abundance has created a deadly “plastic soup” … Continue reading

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