Save the Date – Future of Fashion 3

Mark it on your calendar…Our yearly fashion show for the Lexington Fashion Collaborative will be held on May 28th this year! Now in it’s third year, The Future of Fashion 3 will be held at Buster’s, a music venue in Lexington, KY. It will be an event that lasts most of the day, with booths for vendors and local boutiques, and separate afternoon runway shows especially for accessory and children’s designers to show their work.

This past Sunday, each designer who is participating in the show was asked to provide one outfit to be modeled for the poster and other promotional materials for the show. I’m sharing with you some behind-the-scenes photos, some of which feature the lovely Samantha, who modeled my dress made from vinyl records. The electric blue skirt is made from part of my neighbor’s trampoline, which was headed to the curb. You may also recognize her necklace, which I crafted from pop tabs and silver plastic.

Each year, this show gets bigger and better… with more and more people involved… and so many designers, engineers, photographers, hair and makeup specialists, stylists, and coordinators sharing their talents. I’d better go get to work!

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Tiptoe Through the (Paper) Tulips

Origami Daisy, Paper Flower

As we speak, Mother Nature is dumping snow on us here in Kentucky, but I’m already thinking about flowers. Bright blooms, even if they’re FAKE ones, may be just the thing to help me pull through the remaining months of winter.

I’m rediscovering my fondness for origami by learning how to make some new flowers (which came in quite handy when our power went out for several hours the other day!) and I’m brainstorming on how to attach them to “stems” so that I can put them in a vase. The folding tutorial that I used for the origami daisy above can be found here. For the origami paper, I have a few out-dated wallpaper sample books which I’m repurposing, as well as the pages from books and magazines. After I get my fill of paper (and plastic) flowers, I’ll probably try making them from fabric.

Paper Flowers

I made the layered flowers above simply by using my new die-cutting machine (I’m hooked on it lately) and scraps of fabric and paper, which are connected together with tiny metallic brads. I’ve also decided that I’m going to need some new paper-cutting tools (of course!) to help me save time with all the cutting and gluing that will be in my future :)

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Bags, bags, bags: so many bags!

I had these in mind for Christmas, but these are great for anytime… They’re just handy to keep around, and even better because they are a conversation-starter on their own (before the receiver even has a chance to peek inside)!

These few are made from tan plastic grocery bags with other plastics inserted inside the layers … for instance, the red netting/mesh is from an apple bag, and I’ve also used part of a bread bag for some other color variation. (The bows on the outside are from ribbons that I previously received on gifts, and have re-purposed here.) The little handles are really cute, if you ask me!

I’ll also be making some matching mini-envelopes to match, with a little blank card inside, on which to write some merry greetings. I was thinking of listing these at my Etsy Store, just for the heck of it. Perhaps. You never know.

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Free mini-workshop! Sat, Nov. 20th

This coming Saturday (11-20-2010) at Sutra Salon in Georgetown KY, I’ll be doing some demonstrations on making Christmas ornaments and gift bags from recycled materials. It’s happening during Sutra’s Holiday Open House and Bazaar from 12pm – 4pm… hang out with us, do some crafts, and learn about some other earth-friendly products.

Well be using mostly soda bottles and plastic bags (my favorites!) with a smattering of other types of plastic as well. If you feel like bringing your own certain type of soda bottle and giving it a go, BRING IT! Otherwise, I should have plenty of materials on hand for everyone to play with. If you have any questions about how to make your own Artventions, I’ll be happy to offer advice in person as well.

I’ve created a Facebook Event Page just for fun, but no RSVP’s are necessary…if you have questions please call Sutra Salon (213 North Court Street) at (502) 570-5292.

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Bangles and Baubles

I’ve finally photographed a few of the jewelry pieces I’ve been making from recycled materials. I’m also planning on doing some small workshops before the year is over, so I’ll post the dates and locations for those once they are finalized. Meanwhile, please enjoy the eye-candy! The bracelets are made from beverage bottles, and the necklace is made from aluminum pop-tabs and silver plastic.

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