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Plastic Soup, Anyone?

Mmmm! I’ll have mine with a side of packing peanuts. Plastic and I sorta have this love/hate relationship going on. (It’s presence has saved human lives through technology and medicine, yet it’s sheer abundance has created a deadly “plastic soup” … Continue reading

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Shiny Happy Bags

These two were a lot of fun! If they could hold hands and dance in a circle, they would definitely do so. I found a black plastic garbage bag in the unsurmountable “jungle of art supplies” in my garage, and … Continue reading

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Crop Circle – Flip Side

I’m considering several ways to finish up the quilting on my Crop Circle Quilt, so I’m taking this opportunity to show a picture of the back side. I’ve also posted a few more tidbits about the process on Craftster, which … Continue reading

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It’s Valentimes!

Even if you aren’t keen on celebrating the holiday that’s come to be known as “commercial love day,” here are some goodies sure to get your heart pumping. I consider myself to be an avid recycler, so you know I’m … Continue reading

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…and make a quilt from scratch.

I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated by not having a more narrow “focus” in my art. I found this quote and it brought me comfort: “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a … Continue reading

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