I’m Jamie

Jamie Kuli McIntosh is a collector and organizer of all things. She is forever seeking new ways to transform the mundane into something interesting, useful, and beautiful. In fact, she would proudly wear a badge labeling her a Pack-Rat or an Art-Engineer. Currently, Jamie has become absorbed in the history and methods of quilting, and is exploring and challenging the definition of “garbage” with her artwork. While it is true that she defines herself as a textile and fiber artist, she finds herself trying to coin a term that means “anything that you can attach to something else using a sewing machine”…this is because she does not limit herself to using only fabric and cloth, and has also been known to sew with plastics and paper. She graduated from Transylvania University in Lexington, Ky, and now resides in Georgetown, where she has taken over the garage and turned it into her studio.