This little guy (whom I’ve aptly titled “Lil’ Guy”–go figure!) was really fun to do, and relatively simple as far as technique. I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to do this type of work again soon! If you’d like to view the full photo, it’s in the gallery.

The background fabric is hand-dyed…it was a leftover from the batch I did several months ago. I picked a thick piece of cotton that had a nice blend of yellowish-greens with a sprinkling of sky blue. As a reference for the foal, I used a photo that I took at a local horse farm. I then used chalk to do a line drawing of the foal onto the cloth, and as I couched the gold beads onto the surface (using the two-needle method), the chalk just gradually rubbed off. Small, fussy work like this is actually very relaxing for me, and I’m glad I decided to run with the idea when I was suddenly inspired to do it!