BITB - middle panel BITB - left panelWhen making this particular artwork (which can be displayed as a triptych or as separate pieces), I was a bit influenced by my 10 year old step-son…

We had just purchased several musical instruments for our household, and he spent a great deal of time composing his own “song” on the guitar. I particularly liked the title that he gave to his song, which also seemed to be a very good reflection of the artwork that I was making. So I was granted permission to name this piece Beast in the Box in tribute to his melody of the same title.

This triptych is an experiment in using scraps of fabric (leftovers from previous clothing projects) to mimic the color effects of conventionally painted layers. The first and third panels are oil paintings, and the middle panel is made from the various fabrics (machine-quilted). The three panels can be displayed together or separate, in any desired combination, to fit any type of space–heck, you could even turn them sideways and I wouldn’t be too offended!

Beast in the Box takes on a more traditional, two-dimensional form than my other recent works. It is also rare for the subject of my paintings to be abstract. I have finally discovered that what draws me in to my projects is the problem-solving aspect…every piece of scrap or garbage presents a unique problem to be worked out during its transformation from useless junk to beautiful curio.

I usually do not like to give away too much about my interpretation of my artworks, but I will say this: Don’t we all, at sometime or other, feel like we’re a “beast in a box,” constantly getting our tentacles stuck in the cardboard lid?