No, I ain’t talking ’bout an album that came out in 1969…
I’ve been digging through a ginormous amount of Crop Circle-related websites, looking for artworks that were created from their inspiration. I’ve been digging and rummaging, searching and scouring.
Okay, I guess it shouldn’t be any big secret that my next piece of fabric art will be based on a crop circle design. There–now you know why!

I finally found some examples of quality, crop circle inspired artwork, but doing this proved more difficult than I thought it should be. (All those sites offering t-shirts with photos of crop circles printed on them kept getting in the way! That’s not the type of “art” that I had in mind.) There’s a lot of junk out there, but these that follow are the “cream of the crop.”

Stained glass art seems to be gaining popularity, but there are few such artworks at which I would even take a second glance. Well, maybe because most of what I’ve seen is angels and flowers, but I was impressed by the works by Rob and Kim of Blue Feather Stained Glass. They are beautifully done, and their website has even more examples (I especially like the Egyptian scarab design, too).

Lamps by Edmund Butler These Lamps by Edmund Butler of Good Wood Studios are beautiful and unique, even if you’re not interested in the crop circle aspect of them. The site also has many other handcrafted works of furniture/art.

painting by Rachel Austin I’ve recently started nosing-around on Etsy, and came across this colorful, original painting by Rachel Austin. Instead of geometrically replicating one of the actual crop circles that have been photographed, I love how she simply acknowledges their physical existence by using “regular” ol’ circles. See the rest of her etsy shop for more fun paintings.

double pendant by Beth Cyr
Also on Etsy, I found a wonderful shop ( offering fine art jewelry by Beth Cyr. In her collection of items for sale is this playful, sterling silver double pendant. I really like the hammered surface texture of the silver. (While you’re visiting her shop, you’ve also got to see the Sterling Chainmail Halter Top! Browse around and be amazed.)

LightCircles by Kayla Fox So many of the jewelry websites out there have selections that look mass-produced, or the designs are just too simple. However, the LightCircles collection by Kaayla Fox has some really nice designs with intricate details, and a few of the charms remind me of ancient coins.

photo by Janet Ossebaard - art by Clarke Blair For general geometric simplicity, I recommend the metal works by Clarke Blair at You can’t go wrong with high-quality cut steel.

crop circles in men’s chest hair The Crop Circle Connection also has a gallery of unique/humorous artworks and tidbits about crop circles…which is where this “newspaper” page came from. Before we know it, Bigfoot may end up on the front page with crop circles in his fur…