How timely is this entry!?

Dryer Sheet ArtDress (2)

This particular ArtDress (I think that’s an official term now?) is made from used dryer sheets…or fabric softener sheets, or anti-static thingys, or whatever term you use. We all pretty much know what they are, but now they are a gown! Photographed by my husband, Jason, these photos do a nice job showing the properties of said dryer sheets. Ghostly, sheer, dainty, delicate…and smelly.

All of those squares had to be ironed flat so that I could sew them together easily. And lemme just say that no matter how “wonderfully fresh and fragrant” those things claim to be, the chemicals in them are terrible! Please don’t kill your brain cells by trying to iron dryer sheets. Or, just please do it in outside with plenty of fresh air. Needless to say, I’ve since stopped using them on my clothes except on mid-winter days of extreme, lightning-like, static cling emergencies.Dryersheet Dress by Jamie Kuli McIntosh

This dress was originally titled “Slip for a Wedding Gown.” I stopped calling it that a long time ago, but nonetheless, I’ve decided to blog about it in honor of my first wedding anniversary…one whole year already as a married old hag! Yay Hooray for true love! Boo Razz Hiss for toxic chemicals on your clothes and skin!

Also–New New New!

I’m setting up a site/gallery/storefront on ImageKind to showcase the photography that Jason takes of my art; you can see more photos of the dryer sheet ArtDress (and others works which I’ll be blogging about in the near future) by clicking the above link to visit my site at ImageKind… Enjoy!!