And you, too, can have a “chin like a model”!

My mom has brought me some wonderful things from an estate sale/auction. Among several boxes of sewing patterns were issues of The Workbasket from the 1950’s. These mini magazines are chock-full-o projects for the nifty, thrifty, fifties homemaker.

Pictured here is one of my favorite ads (from volume 20, number 5, Februrary, 1955).

I mean…doesn’t it just make perfect sense? Advertising a contraption guaranteed to make you look thinner ON THE VERY SAME PAGE as several recipes for buttery, cheesy, mayonnaise-ey sauces to pour over your dinner veggies?

Sounds like some marketing genius was on the right track. But seriously, if you ask me, it simply looks like a jockstrap for your face.

Now, if I could only still get an adjustable dress-form for 3 bucks, like the mail-in offer on page 33…