If you were to hear the phrase “knitted jewelry,” this probably isn’t the first thing that you’d think of…and I suppose that’s the charm of it! The black cord is for an amplifier (with connectors at each end) and the clear/tan cord is an old-school telephone wire with jacks. I whipped up this necklace to complete an outfit, and now I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to wear it.

Electrical Necklace (detail)Technically, this is crochet work—although I couldn’t tell you which kind of “stitches” these are because I’m not that proficient at the terminology. I actually have only knit before, and had to reference my crochet book in order to find out how to do the basics. I used a very large crochet hook…and really worked up a sweat trying to manhandle the cord properly! The heavy, rubbery plastic wanted to stick to itself, presenting much difficulty. I managed to make a sequence of knots with the “string,” which I then ended up having to redo several times until the loops all looked nice and even, with the sequence ending properly at each metal connector.

(The black cord was significantly longer than the phone cord…I would guess that when laid out on the floor, the amplifier cord measured about 10 ft (over 3m) long. After crocheting, it now only measures 17 inches (.4m) long!)

I then fiddled with the tan cord to figure out how to attach it to the black cord, trying several different methods until I came across something that worked. The loops from the black cord were so large that I was able to crochet the tan cord into the spaces between. I realized that I needed to start in the center of the black cord and work my way out to both ends in order to have an even symmetry. Much trial and error led to a stitch spacing that allowed the phone cord to cover most of the existing black cord.

Added Bonus!!—the connector ends of the amp cord provide a nice way to “plug in” one end of the necklace to a knot on the other end, securing it into one big loop.

*As a side note, it is true (as my husband points out!) that if you are a female, and you’re not careful, this necklace will end up pointing to one of your breasts. Or both of them, if you wear it without attaching it to itself. I suppose it’s a risk I’m willing to take in the name of fashion.