Fabric Dyeing

Fabric Dye Paintings

I've decided that I will no longer be "unable" to draw things from memory or purely from my imagination. ...Yes, just like that. This painting (so far) is Procion MX fabric dye on cotton...and I'll soon be adding the smaller details with some free-motion quilting....

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Beadwork on cloth (horses again!)

This little guy (whom I've aptly titled "Lil' Guy"--go figure!) was really fun to do, and relatively simple as far as technique. I'm sure I'll find an excuse to do this type of work again soon! If you'd like to view the full photo, it's in the gallery. The background...

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Shibori shakedown

This past Saturday (March 3rd) in Louisville Ky was Kentucky Crafted: The Market 2007. We took some family and made it a party. Way too much to see in just one day! I'll briefly mention my favorite artist and good friend Jennifer Zingg, who creates fabulous art from...

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she wants Shibori all the time

Preparing and concocting I took my large pile of plain cotton fabric (scraps from tees and sweats, etc) and prepared them for dyeing. I cut them into manageable pieces and washed them with Synthrapol to get them ready for the colorful chemicals. After running them...

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