This past weekend was the Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival at Midway College (in Midway, KY). I spent Sat. & Sun. afternoon painting “en plein aire” out in front of the Damselfly Gallery…there was lots of sun and company on both days. Saturday’s painting was in oils, and Sunday’s was watercolor—when the oils are dry in a few days, I’ll provide better pictures, which you’ll be able to see in the Gallery here.

After I was done painting on Sunday, we gathered up the family and took a stroll over to campus, where we visited the many other artists booths. Of course there was lively music and some fantastic weather, not to mention an incredible diversity of artwork! We watched Jennifer Zingg give a demo of her gourd-working techniques. I also was intrigued by the collage works by Kathleen O’Brien, and spoke to her to learn a bit about her materials.

Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival Glasswork by Dan Neil Barnes(Here’s our youngest checkin’ out some prints, and there’s me admiring the work of Dan Neil Barnes.)

Me? Well, I’ve never done a “show” before, and it still seems a bit intimidating. But I bet I would have fun doing one…provided I ever got to the point where I had enough work to fill a whole booth by myself!