Even if you aren’t keen on celebrating the holiday that’s come to be known as “commercial love day,” here are some goodies sure to get your heart pumping.
I consider myself to be an avid recycler, so you know I’m going to appreciate these Pop Heart Earrings, and all of the other fun styles available. The Etsy seller Lost And Found Objects is also currently featuring different earring varieties along the same theme, so there’s still time to snag a pair. C’mon, you know that dangly earrings are back “in” again! They also would go perfect with this so-called “Nu Rave Neon” craze that’s supposed to be big…? (I’ve gotta see it at our local high school to believe it!)

Lovebirds Pouch I just love these pouches by Rosybird. They are simply adorable—and apparently someone *else* was also thinking the exact same thing, because this Lovebirds Pouch is no longer up for sale! But the last time I checked, the Bird in the Poppy Garden is still available. The button eyes are perfect, and the simple, abstract shape of the birds is very charming to me. To be quite honest, I’m not really a “bird person” in real life…but if a real bird can act as charming as these cuties look, I might be willing to give our feathered friends another try!

Love in BinaryThis is something that I really want to indulge in. Fellow Etsy seller Melissa J Lee has some other really fun work in addition to this Love in Binary pendant. It’s made from fine silver and resin, is hand formed and polished, and is obviously made with a lot of care and attention. Not too symmetrical, not too crazy, just the right size, and just a hint of color. I love silver, and I love *Love*…AND I love Geeks. I would have to say that it’s perfect in every way.

Sock MonkeyNow here’s a cute lil’ guy. These Sock Monkeys by Kelly Jean Design are made from “defective” Red Heel Socks—in other words, those poor socks probably weren’t allowed to leave the factory because they’re the wrong size or color or something. But now they can! And they don’t have to be stepped on, they can be cuddled on. Another wonderful form of recycling. Aaaand…there’s even a baby-shower gift pack featuring one of these handsome guys. Coordinated, hand-made, adorable, affordable. And I’ll bet he’s got super table-manners, too.

Pink Crystal NecklaceThis Pink Crystal Necklace—and frankly, everything else in That Jewelry Girl’s shop—is practically making me drool right now. And again, quite honestly, I normally wouldn’t be so attracted to pink (but hey, I can’t always ignore my jewelry urges). Maybe I’m just really looking forward to the next time I’ll get to play dress-up. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and take this opportunity to place a not-so-subtle hint…if anyone is in the market for a gift for yours truly (namely ME), then please feel free to choose anything from this shop. I really like this one, too. *sigh* … *swoon* …

Glass Heart EarringsThese Glass Heart Earrings really look good enough to eat, like they just came out of tiny, noisy, cellophane wrappers. But please do not try to eat them. Please just wear them in your ears, so everyone can tell you how good they look. Oh my goodness—while you’re at it, just go ahead and buy me anything else from her shop, too. It’s from Kristin Perkins Glass Jewelry. Write it down. Now go look at this and this and this. And these green Small Square Latch Earrings look like … well, exactly like deliciously exquisite lozenges. The vivid colors combined with the silver is, dare I say, breathtaking. Not to mention that all of her photos perfectly flatter the see-thru nature of the glass. This is the proverbial “candy store” to my “kid” self.

I love you, too!I thought I’d mix it up and offer a few paper-oriented goodies, the first one being this 4×6 Giclee Print Card by Etsy seller Hide n Seek. Her illustrations have a cheery, retro feel to them, only with a lot more character. To me, it’s a little bit like those fabulous antique greeting cards that I found withering away up in my grandmother’s attic—only with these, the color hasn’t faded and they don’t smell musty, and they have a helluva lot more style. I really like this illustration, too. There are so many good ones, and they all have just the right amount of quirkiness!

pop-up heart card - genius.I’ve always loved Pop-up Cards, and these from Crankbunny are top-of-the-line. I’ve secretly always wanted to be able to make pop-up cards. I’ve studied the books I had as a child. I usually can figure out how to engineer things like this. But transforming magical paper acts is something I simply cannot do. I love that there are some really off-beat themes in some of the card designs…not to mention that the art is amazing and unique.

Now go get yourself something nice! Or…persuade a loved-one to save you the trouble 🙂