Well, I finally got my latest Quilted Painting framed (here’s a close-up of some of the stitching). I have several large pieces in the works, and I’m also right smack in the middle of doing *GASP* a comprehensive inventory of all my art. But, mainly I’m polishing up some NEW Recycled Wearables for photographing. Hopefully we can get the photos done on Sunday–and have some new eye candy (for promotions, portfolios, the interwebs, etc) to share soon!

I’m also planning my solo gallery/fashion show for October–It’ll be at the Winchester Opera House Gallery for the month of October, with an artists reception on the 16th and a real-live Runway Fashion Show to be held on the 23rd — Awesomeness abounds!

So stay tuned…lots of events to announce in the coming months!!