I’ve been meaning to write an entry here about my good friend Jennifer Zingg and her gourd art…and just today she sent me a link to a newspaper article which features her work! So I thought, what better time than NOW?

As a person who is getting over some sort of “issue” with using bright colors, I really can’t get enough of the intense colors that Jen uses in her gourd art. And these ain’t no birdfeeders, either. We’re talking SERIOUS sculpture, here…
Out of GOURDS.
Gourds and paint. (And a bit of clay.) That’s what you’re seeing in these photos, people.

You probably already know that I’m crazy about using odd materials to make art. But Jennifer takes this to the extreme with her chosen medium—she is awesome at it, she really knows her stuff, and she makes it look easy. If you ask me, she blows away the competition. Not only are these sculptures breath-taking and masterfully executed, Jen’s work is backed by an incredible passion for life and for her chosen subjects. Be it animals, people, or her new Mosaic series, her energy is always present in the final result.

The Courier-Journal newspaper (Louisville, KY) did an article featuring Jennifer’s work, and there’s even a short audio interview. Also read about the artwork that she’s donating to “Art for the Animals” and find out where/when to attend the event!

At her personal website, you can find information about the classes she’ll be teaching (including children’s workshops) and news about her studio in Frankfort. Plus–photos, photos, and more photos of her work!

Now the silly part… (C’mon, you didn’t think I would forget the SILLY part!)

Jennifer graciously brought me this palm tree “husk” that she found while visiting Florida, and I’m beginning to transform it into a wearable piece of art. The husk is in one piece and swoops up in back of my head. It’s very “She-Ra”-like, but is also not very easy to move around in. (Even tougher to dance while wearing it, but it’s doable.)

I plan on adding leather scraps and possibly some dangly-gourdy-bits here and there. While taking some photos, we felt it was necessary to incorporate lots of earthy, primitive props into the scenery…hence, the sorta “gourd-worship” look achieved here.

This photo shows the husk fairly well, but I will probably edit some others to add to the collection in my Imagekind gallery. (PS: Yes, Jason also did the make-up!)