These are overdue, but as of now they’re finally here!
Last month during the Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival in Midway, I did these two paintings…It took most of two afternoons and lots of SPF30 sunblock to complete both of them.
The first is oil on textured board. I was sitting looking down the sidewalk toward the “other end of town” (see my blog post about the festival for more info). I really enjoyed using lots of warm tones—browns, yellows, and reds. The painting is small enough that I was able to scan it on a flatbed scanner when it was dry. The paint has a bit of height/thickness in some areas, which really showed up on the scan, along with the incredible texture of the painting surface! It’s available for purchase through Damselfly Gallery (which has relocated to a new building across the street! But don’t worry-the phone number is still the same).

Paseo - watercolor plein aire painting The second is watercolor, with very simple cool tones. It also has a tiny bit of iridescent paint in some areas, which you can see if you view it more from the side. I titled it Paseo which means “a slow, easy stroll or walk outdoors”—or it can mean the actual street on which such a walk would occur. I also played with the perspective a bit, which creates some visual tension/interest, especially because the sidewalk is really a large curve instead of a corner. Plus, it looks fantastic in the frame that I chose, but it didn’t photograph well with the glass. (The shop that framed it for me also did a wonderful job of picking out the colors for the double-mat, so I’ll definitely be taking some more work back there!) It’s also available at the Damselfly, for those of you who just can’t live without it now that you’ve seen it 🙂