Pistachio Halter Top - Jamie K. McIntoshI’ve finally got an awesome photo of this artwork! Working on this piece was so tedious that I had a hard time finishing it. (Eating the pistachios wasn’t difficult though…I find them quite addictive sometimes.) I drilled tiny holes in the ends of the shells with my Dremel, and used floral wire to make chains. Of course, I had to throw in a few sequins, too.

I had planned on securing the rows from side to side as well, but as of now, the swingy movement is really fun. It feels so Seventies. Like one of those beaded curtains.

Credit for the fabulous photography (and a million thanks!) goes to my husband, Jason. He recently photographed this and many of my other artworks…so there will be more high-fashion glitz in the near future!

Now, if I could just find an “event” at which to wear this…
Somebody invite me to a party, ’cause I’m ready!