These two were a lot of fun! If they could hold hands and dance in a circle, they would definitely do so.

I found a black plastic garbage bag in the unsurmountable “jungle of art supplies” in my garage, and knew that it would be perfect for a more crisp, formal look to these handbags (I’ve been making them mainly from plastic Kroger/Walmart grocery bags). The yellow on the smaller one is from the weekly newspaper-ads that magically appear at the end of the driveway. The creamier beige on the larger purse is from plain ol’ Kroger bags. All of the bright greens and blues came from various bread and produce bags, and the red was found on a package of bagels.

plastic bag 1The patterns and colors were inspired by an Egyptian design that I saw in a book, and there are several others that I’d like to try next! As usual, they are very sturdy and very lightweight. The carrots that we buy come in bags with a beautiful, bright orange color that I’ll have to make use of next… 🙂

The larger bag is a good size for sketchbooks and such. I will probably take the smaller one with me to the Address and Redress exhibit opening in Lexington tomorrow night.