It’s about that time of year, isn’t it? Time to dust off the ol’ fishin’ gear?

Although I am still working on my quilt, I’ve taken a break from it to push some paint around. These two fishing lures are a few from my collection—well, I don’t actively collect them, they just sort of came to me and I’ve kept them around. They’ve been stashed away in a Tupperware container for years now, so I decided to bring ’em back out again.

I probably have about Twenty or so of these lures, and every time I pop open the container to take a peek, these two are always my favorite. The copper one…well, it’s copper so I gotta love it. It does not have a manufacture mark and looks to be hand-made, but I can’t be sure…and the other green and gold wooden lure has such a great finish on it. The wooden one is manufactured, with words printed across the bottom, and the paint is chipping away. The part that is readable looks to me like it says “Lazy Ike,” so that’s what I’ve titled the painting.

This oil painting (on a hand-stretched canvas) is 12 inches by 12 inches square. I’ve also made a handful of similar canvases about this size to keep around, just in case I get suddenly inspired again. This painting is for sale at the Damselfly Studio and Gallery in Midway, Ky.