Today I’m sketching out a few ideas that have been floating around in my head, future projects that I’ll be doing soon. I’ve ordered supplies for fabric dyeing and am very anxious for them to get here so I can start! But until then, here’s what I’m thinking:

Since I live in Kentucky, it’s about friggin’ time that I made something with a horse on it. I mean, who doesn’t love horses? Or at least appreciate their strength and beauty? So I started sketching, and realized that I needed a refresher course on horses.

After spending way too much time searching through the billions of horse photos on the internet (with too many of them showing docile mares standing in a field), it occurred to me that there is an entire shelf of Breyer Horses sitting there in my step-daughter’s room! So, in lieu of tromping out to a neighboring farm, scaring their horses into making some exciting jumps, and chasing them to take photos, I simply chose a few model horses from the shelf. I’ve combined the poses from the plastic models with some other sketches, and have found approximately the right one–not just a straight profile of a horse, but something with movement and grace.

I won’t give away my entire plan yet, but I’m excited to start dying some fabric for the background for the horse, and will definitely take pics of the process. I’ll also have some more info about Shibori when I get to the dying process.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to finish this hat!