I found some more crafty books yesterday at the library that I hadn’t checked out before, and started flipping through a few. I’ve been thinking that I would eventually like to make a rug or two for the hardwood areas in our home, and so I picked up a beginner’s book about twined rag rugs and different weaving techniques. Needless to say, after skimming a few chapters, I was itching right away to try out some of the techniques that it outlined (not necessarily for just making rugs, of course). I went to sleep thinking about it.

When I woke up this morning, my first though was, “Could I make a purse with those techniques? Eh, no. Too many purses out there.”

The discarded painter’s tape.
This thought was immediately drowned out by my mind screaming, “I’m going to make a hat! …using that pile of used painter’s tape in the garage!”

My sleepy brain was a bit overwhelmed by this sudden burst of activity, but I took a few drowsy moments to think it over, and decided that it wasn’t such a bad idea. Unfortunately, I also decided that this would be a one-day project–and was very wrong.

Tape twine–nice!
It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t so vigorously wadded up all that tape after taking it off the wall the other day, but I spent several hours unwadding and twisting the tape into something like twine.

The results were pleasing, so I put my plan into action by reading the directions for Circular Twining. After struggling through a few awkward passages (…cross the solid weft over the patterned weft between the first and second warps, top to bottom, over the second warp, and under the third warp, below the patterned weft…) I had the general idea.

Here are the results so far:

The start of my tape-twine hat.