I recently had a Martha Stewart moment. After making up some cookies for a bachelorette party, I realized that I didn’t have an appropriate Tupperware container to hold all of them. Really, I didn’t have any sort of plastic or glass container to put them in. I considered large Ziploc bags, but that wasn’t right either. paper plate cake (view 2) So… I started to put the cookies onto paper plates and realized they fit pretty well, and that I could cover each plate with an upside down plate to make them stackable. Voila!– I suddenly had a tiered, wedding cake-looking, paper plate sculpture (Chinet, to be specific, since I seem to be using brand names a lot today). To secure the plates, I tied a length of wired ribbon around it. It held very snugly, but I added a second piece of matching silver metallic string just to make sure, since this package was going to be traveling quite a distance with me.

I’ll just have to let you guess what the actual cookies look like…a picture of those may not be appropriate for sensitive audiences. If you know what I mean.