As we speak, Mother Nature is dumping snow on us here in Kentucky, but I’m already thinking about flowers. Bright blooms, even if they’re FAKE ones, may be just the thing to help me pull through the remaining months of winter.

I’m rediscovering my fondness for origami by learning how to make some new flowers (which came in quite handy when our power went out for several hours the other day!) and I’m brainstorming on how to attach them to “stems” so that I can put them in a vase. The folding tutorial that I used for the origami daisy above can be found here. For the origami paper, I have a few out-dated wallpaper sample books which I’m repurposing, as well as the pages from books and magazines. After I get my fill of paper (and plastic) flowers, I’ll probably try making them from fabric.

Paper Flowers

I made the layered flowers above simply by using my new die-cutting machine (I’m hooked on it lately) and scraps of fabric and paper, which are connected together with tiny metallic brads. I’ve also decided that I’m going to need some new paper-cutting tools (of course!) to help me save time with all the cutting and gluing that will be in my future 🙂