This lil’ fellow is my most recent handmade plushie. He’s very cuddly and would definitely make a good impromptu travel pillow!

Travelin’ Sasquatch comes equipped with a removable “travel bag on a stick” …what are those called, do they have an official name?!?… which hides two Oreo cookies, a Lemon frosted cookie, and a paintbrush. (You know, just in case he’s feeling artsy in his travels. Maybe he will see a magnificent sunset and suddenly feel inspired to paint.)

He will be available for purchase at the Gifty Thrifty & Under $50 sale at Jennifer Zingg Studio & Gallery next Friday and Saturday (Dec. 5th and 6th).

*For awhile—before I became educated on the subject—I was calling him a “Travelin’ Yeti.” But then I learned that Yetis are white, because they are found in the Himalayas. So I’ll probably have to make one of those soon. They can be brothers, separated at birth.

I’ve also made a few more handbags, some tree ornaments, and of course recycled jewelry which will be at the sale as well. Hope to see ya there!