I’m experimenting with some sheer fabrics to help suggest light/shadow and create the illusion of 3-Dimensional space in this underwater scene. I’m also practicing some trapunto in areas of the wave, which is working out very well!

As usual, I seem to be designing this quilt “the hard way.” Although I did sketch out a plan before starting to cut any fabric, It did not occur to me to plan which layers of color would have to be laid down first, etc. This step would have been helpful, but it would also have taken some of the enjoyment away from the creative process. And because I mainly work with leftover materials, I usually just find a scrap that is the color I need, and then make do with whatever type/weight it happens to be!

undersea quilt detail 2 undersea quilt-Jamie K McIntosh undersea quilt detail 3
I’m working on this quilt for an upcoming contest, so I’ll have more than just these “detail” photos very soon…