While typing the title for this post, I accidentally typed “udderwear”…which is a completely different topic altogether. Perhaps one day I will make high-fashion garments for all the sophisticated and fashion-conscious cows out there—but not today.

This is another OBG (meaning Oldie But Goodie, not Open Bottom Girdle) from years gone by. Why, I remember as if it were yesterday…Sitting on the living room floor of my boyfriend’s apartment, sorting through piles of worn-out socks and underwear that he was planning on throwing out. Sometimes I get strange ideas and they turn out to be wonderful. This was one of those times.

Underwear ArtDress (1)Since the cotton from socks and underwear is very stretchy, especially when it’s worn, I had to use copious amounts of iron-on interfacing as a base. After cutting apart the undies to make them lay as flat as possible, I sort of “collaged” the pieces together on top of the interfacing, using the dress pattern pieces as a guide. Then I simply cut the pieces and sewed them together as I would when making a “normal” dress. I used some of the waistbands from the underwear as edging on the collar and sleeves. I also made a pocket with one of the, um, fabric pockets inside the mens underwear…which turned out very cute!

This piece is currently in the Address and Redress exhibit with two of my other works;
the Safe Release Hat
and the Dryer Sheet Dress.
This is the last week for exhibit, which is located at the Gloria Singletary Gallery in Lexington KY.