Upholstery Artdress (2)
Well, this is my idea of bliss, anyway. And as they say, “It’s an Oldie but a Goodie!” (Just who are “they”, anyway?)

Also, it’s a Two-Fer-One deal! The dress is made from the fabric of an old recliner, including some of the covered buttons. The dressform is made of the actual Wood and Workings of the recliner (including the springs and the feet).

The photos are brand new (via the multi-artwork photo session with Jason), but the artwork is not. I made this years and years ago, but it has always been one of my favorites!
(*cue “way-back memory music”…)

This project definitely started me off in the direction that I’ve headed since then, which is increasingly focused on the “why?” of clothing and fashion.

I’ve got boxes of fabric/upholstery samples that will probably end up as another dress. Why a dress? Dresses have always seemed to be on this “higher level” of fashion for me, because I grew up at a time where girls didn’t have to wear dresses. They were something that were for special occasions, and I usually didn’t wear one unless I absolutely had to! So in my mind, a dress is super-special. It speaks of important things.

And art is important to me, so why not celebrate it with lots and lots of dresses?! Call me crazy. Please don’t call the insane asylum. Also, please ignore the drool on my chin.