Every now and then, I decide to tackle the buckets (literally) of clothing that I have around here.
It’s all stuff that needs to be altered in order to be wearable by my standards, and I’m too stingy to get rid of it. But boy, all those “small” alterations sure do add up to one heckuva collection of almost-perfect garments!

I recently stumbled upon Wardrobe Refashion and I am using it as ammunition against the clutter.
When I first bought this 100% wool sweater (second-hand, of course) I liked the sporty bands around the arms, but now it’s not really my style. Also, it had always been too baggy under the arms, and I like to have my tops more fitted. Despite all this, it is super comfy and I love the cozy zippered neckline.

I decided to alter this the lazy way…I did not take apart any seams. I simply turned the sweater inside out, marked the approximate reductions under the arms with white chalk, and sewed along the lines with my serger. Just doing this one thing made it instantly less “slouchy!” Then I removed the blue and white nylon areas with small embroidery scissors, cutting as close to the seams as possible, and pulling out any remaining threads with tweezers. I also replaced the zipper pull, removed a logo on front, cut out the (rather large) tag, and darned a small but very obvious hole on the front.

detail of the lovely ladies.my new sweater makes me giddy.side view - appliqued pinups.Aaaand…I added these lovely pinup ladies! Now my sweater has tattoos to be proud of. (As usual, all photos are clickable for a larger version.) As you can see, I’m extremely happy with my “new” sweater!