If you know me, or are familiar with my art, you may have glanced at the title of this entry and assumed that I have made a skirt out of watermelon rinds. Good guess! – But this time I’ve actually used fabric.

It’s reversible too. The fabric on the other side is a minty green, with hot pink ladybugs. This photo is actually an “in-progress” shot, but since this item is very “Fourth-of-July” I wanted to show it off asap! You can’t see it here, but I’ve put little crystal-like beads on a few of the watermelon seeds to make them look…well…they look like slippery seeds, that’s what! I’ll have to take some closeups of the seeds, and also of the free-motion quilting I did on the image.

I copied and modified the pattern from another skirt (Thanks, Amy!) and I think I’ll be using this pattern again very soon – It’s super easy and very flexible. Lots of possibilities!