I’m having difficulty photographing my new quilted paintings…it’s a challenge to light them exactly right, to bring out the three-dimensions you see in “real life” viewing.

This quilted painting is about 9×11 inches (including binding on edge) and matches another one that I previously posted about.

A few areas of the painting (including the curtain and the large silhouetted figures in the foreground) are stuffed with Fiberfil—in quilting the process is called “trapunto”. If you’re curious, this scene is inspired by a short story by Angela Carter. I really enjoy anything written by her, and have already started several other paintings based on her works of fiction.

When photographing these types of fabric works, I usually end up with shadows that are too harsh, obscuring parts of the painting and distracting from the overall image. Fortunately, my husband has been an immense help in this area, and we finally got some good photographs, including closer details of the stitching 🙂
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